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Chile Plots, presents "Chepu", located on the banks of Butalcura River, is a magical place where flora and fauna are impressive for its biodiversity and beauty. A pristine river were you can admire waters that reflect the Majesty of nature. And enjoy fly fishing .

Unique features in its internal protected species such as otters and freshwater huillín , pudú Deer. Crowning this stage with their song and beauty, magnificent birds such as swallows and chucaos .

Chepu Plots is a project that is aimed for lovers of nature, as an excellent alternative investment , as a family meeting place , or a place to get reacquainted with nature and with yourself in peace. An invitation to live with this amazing and privileged nature, conserving and preserving the life within.

This project is located in Chepu town, coast Butalcura River, occupies an area of ​​113.67 hectares, with more than 3 miles of navigable river bank vegetation and beautiful sandy beaches .

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